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2023 AirStream Rangeline Review

2023 Airstream Rangeline

The Airstream Rangeline is a 19ft gas coach on a Dodge ProMaster series. Airstream recently revealed this model at Hershey in September, and we're happy to have the first unit to showcase. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this coach has ample cargo storage and exciting features. In this walk through I'll be going over the exterior, interior and features along with a few tips to help you along the way. 

Rangeline Exterior

Rangeline Interior

Now the interior of the Rangeline was designed to maximize space with a low-profile AC unit that doesn't compromise headroom and multiple overhead storage cabinets with push in locks that prevent the cabinets from rattling while driving. There are also floor tracks for securing gear during travel to prevent them from sliding. The bedding is easy to set up, only requiring  two latches with velcro for support. For extra storage there's a few pockets behind the bed, underneath there's a secret compartment and multiple push in lock overhead cabinets. The bathroom has a sliding door and a drop sink, and there is a shower and a toilet. The kitchen area has a deep stainless steel sink and many different storage options. There is a True Induction cooktop that can be set up on the counter, and there are many different outlets, including USB ports for plugging in devices. The fridge in the trailer is a 12-volt fridge, and there is a microwave and several cubbies for storage to help maximize that space without everything being overbearing. For heating the Rangeline has a hydronic heating system called the Timberline system, which uses hot water to heat the space. It has two zones, one at the back and one at the front. The heating system doesn't use propane, so there is no need to worry about filling rather evrything is either battery or gas powered.

On the road

While on the road in the Airstream Rangeline you'll notice that the steering wheel feels wonderful and has no issues with power steering let alone with wheel at all. You'll also notice how quiet the coach is while driving, the smooth acceleration and breaking and how easy it is to see dircetly behind yourself with the digital camera and mirrors. Once driving is said and done The Rangeline fits perfectly into any parking spot just to add to the convience! The Rangeline is a true quality ride perfect for local driving, shopping, long journeys, and even tailgating at sporting events. 

The 2023 Airstream Rangeline is truly a modern marvel for its efficient use of space, accessability and hard to ignore appealing design! And fortunately enough for you The Airstream Rangeline is not only open for viewing but also avilable for purchase! I know this was already a fair amount of information but if you want more or just want to see it for yourself give us a call today! Thank you so much for reading and have a good day.