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2023 Grand Design Reflection Review

Grand Design Reflection 337RLS

Whether you may be shopping around as a first time buyer unsure as to what fifth wheel best suits your needs or a veteran RV camper looking to upgrade  your experience the search for perfect can be long and daunting. Fear not! That's where we come in to simplfy that process and ease your mind by narrowing down the options.What better way to start than taking a look at the 2023 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS. In this overview we'll be going through the feautres of the Grand Design as well as giving you few pointers to help you along the way!

The Reflection 337RLS Exterior 

 Lets first discuss the exterior of Grand Design Reflection 337RLS. It has a full fiberglass siding with aluninum framing providing a strong, secure structure. There is also plenty of exterior storage with the large underbelly and battery compartment. The underbelly storage is heated with insulted doors on both sides keeping the floors tanks and pipes of the interior warm. In the under belly you'll also find a heated pull valve system that allows you to winterize, dry camp and access city water with three simple valves. The battery compartment as mentioned before acts as exterior storage for excess items that you may not want in the cargo bay. Other exterior features include two huge awnings with LED lighting, outside speakers, slides that are laminated to hold heat and mow-ride steps that can be lifted while on the road to protect them from the elements.

The Reflection 337RLS Interior