Airstream Trailers on average have 250 – 300 handcrafted hours that attribute to the assembly of each and every trailer.


Skilled artisans hand cut the openings for every panoramic window.


The Airstream trailer has a “shell within a shell” The associates in the photo are riveting the interior shell in place. All hand crafted!


A team of 2 highly skilled associates install an average of 3,000 rivets in every Airstream trailer.


All interior furniture is hand assembled using glue, dowel pins and wood screws. NO STAPLES HERE!


Associates meticulously scribe, cut and hand fit every panel inside the Airstream trailer!


At Airstream time is taken to hand solder the wires within the wire harness to ensure a trouble free connection for generations!

Did you Know-

478 Airstream artisans on average, spend between 250 and 300 hand-crafted hours in the making of every trailer before it rolls off the assembly line.

From the first rivet to the rigorous final inspection, it’s all “hands on”! Only at Airstream will you witness skilled artisans spending 8 hours manufacturing a main door that protects and shuts like a bank vault or assembling furniture with dowel pins, glue and wood screws that will stand up to the test of time.

At Airstream we live by a slogan that states:
Airstream = Quality Over Time.

The above examples are just a few reasons why Airstream trailers last several generations.

Another reason why Airstream = Value!

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