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Annual Colton Family Camping Trip - 2022 Edition

2022 marks Colton RV’s 60th Year in business, started by Bill Colton (the Ol’ Boy) right here in North Tonawanda, NY. In that time, we’ve been able to help so many families bring their camping dreams to life and help them make countless memories. Because that’s really what life is all about, right? Spending quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love to do, at the places you love to do them. 

Those people, things, and places all probably just flashed vividly across your mind, making you wish you were there with those people you love, doing those things you love - right now

Don’t worry, us too.

As we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary this year, we get to continue our annual tradition of helping families make new camping memories. It’s the best tradition going. Another tradition that is reaching its own anniversary worth celebrating is the Annual Colton Family Camping Trip. Working together every single day isn’t enough time spent together for the Colton family, so earlier this July they packed up their RV’s for another family vacation.

Jim, Casey, Sarah and their families hit the road and drove down to Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay in Delaware. Formerly known as Massey's Landing, Sun Outdoors is an RV resort and waterfront campground on the shores of Rehoboth Bay. Nestled along the shoreline, Sun Outdoors is a peaceful retreat with great amenities. A perfect location for a roadtrip in the Colton Motorhome Cavalcade.

If you plan a family camping trip and it doesn’t rain the night you got there, did you even go on a family camping trip? Showers rolled in like waves off the ocean shortly after setting up camp, so family game night made an early appearance in Jim’s RV. Luckily good food and good company make a rainy evening much more enjoyable.

The weather looked up for the rest of the trip and the Coltons took full advantage of all that Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay had to offer, and enjoyed quality time together. Campsite classics like bocce ball and cornhole were a constant, except for the brief moments when duty called (on Zoom). Cameron and Carson loved riding around the resort in the golf cart to meet and make friends with their fellow campers.

Trips to the beautiful sandy beach to build sand castles were as frequent as trips to the cooler. Casey the grill master kept everyone’s stomachs full with deliciously grilled grub and kept the bonfire roaring. Cameron even got to experience his first ever S’mores!

After what was (and always is) a quick week, the final flame burned out on the 2022 Colton Family Camping Trip. So many games were played, and even more memories were made. We’d ask Cameron and Carson what they loved most about their trip, but they’re a little worn out. We’ll take that as a sign that they had a really good time. The whole family did. We hope your summer is filled with trips and good times with loved ones!