Boat of the Week! SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH Pontoon: Your Ultimate On-Water Command Center

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH pontoon is meticulously designed to be your ultimate command center for fun on the water. This pontoon boat combines luxury, performance, and versatility to ensure you have the best boating experience possible. From its stylish seating arrangements to its powerful performance capabilities, every detail is crafted to enhance your time on the water..

Luxurious Seating and Social Hub

One of the standout features of the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH is its comfortable and stylish bench seating that encircles a built-in table. This design creates a perfect social hub where you and your guests can relax, socialize, and enjoy meals together while taking in the beautiful surroundings. The bench seating is spacious and cushioned, providing a comfortable spot for everyone on board. The built-in table is ideal for dining, playing games, or simply holding your drinks and snacks as you cruise.

The attention to detail in the seating design ensures that everyone on board can enjoy the ride and make the most of their day out on the water. Whether you’re hosting a party, having a family outing, or just enjoying a day on the water with friends, the seating arrangement on this SunChaser Geneva floorplan makes it easy to entertain and take in the sunshine.

Enhanced Captain Experience

For those who take pride in being the captain of their vessel, the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH offers an enhanced captain experience with driver and passenger seats that feature an eye-catching captain’s design. These seats are not only comfortable but also provide excellent visibility and control, making it easy to navigate, dock, or switch drivers. The high-back design and ergonomic features ensure that you can stay comfortable and alert, even during long periods of time at the helm.

The captain’s seats are strategically positioned to give you a commanding view of the water and the boat’s surroundings. This ensures that you can make precise maneuvers and handle the boat with confidence. The thoughtful design of the captain’s area, with easy access to all controls and instruments, further enhances your confidence behind the wheel.

Unforgettable Memories

While the seating and captain’s experience are crucial, the true value of the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH lies in its ability to help you create unforgettable memories with family and friends. This pontoon boat is perfect for a wide range of activities, from leisurely cruises along the shoreline to anchoring in a quiet cove for a picnic or participating in thrilling water sports.

The versatile design of this Sunchaser means that it can adapt to whatever your day on the water entails. With its spacious layout and comfortable amenities, it’s easy to transition from a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing to an exciting session of tubing or wakeboarding. The boat’s performance capabilities ensure that it can handle a variety of water conditions, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride no matter where you go.

Key Features:

This floorplan is packed with features that enhance both its functionality and luxury. Here are some of the key features that make this pontoon boat a standout choice:

  • Comfortable Bench Seating: The bench seating encircles a built-in table, creating a perfect social hub for dining and socializing.
  • Stylish Captain’s Seats: Driver and passenger seats with a high-back design provide excellent visibility and control, enhancing the captain experience.
  • Family-Friendly Design: The layout and amenities of the boat are perfect for family outings and creating unforgettable memories.
  • Luxury and Control: The boat combines luxury features with excellent control, ensuring a smooth ride
  • Performance and Versatility: With options for powerful outboard engines, the boat can handle a variety of activities and water conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH is designed to last and provide years of enjoyment.
  • Advanced Navigation and Instrumentation: Equipped with modern navigation and instrumentation systems to make piloting easier and safer.
  • Entertainment Options: Includes a high-quality audio system and connectivity options to keep you and your guests entertained on the water.

Exceptional Value

When you consider the features, performance, and versatility of the SunChaser Geneva Cruise, it’s clear that this pontoon boat offers exceptional value. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or new to the world of pontoon boats, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful design and high-quality construction that make this boat a standout choice.

The investment in a SunChaser is not just about buying a boat; it’s about investing in a lifestyle of enjoyment and relaxation. With its blend of luxury, performance, and practicality, this pontoon boat is sure to enhance your time on the water and provide countless opportunities for fun and adventure.


The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH pontoon is designed to be your ultimate command center for fun on the water. With its luxurious seating, enhanced captain experience, and versatile design, it’s the perfect choice for creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. Whether you’re cruising, dining, or engaging in water sports, this pontoon boat offers a touch of luxury and unparalleled control, making every moment on the water the best it can be. Invest in a SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 LR DH and elevate your boating adventures to new heights! If you have any questions, you can call Jim directly at 716-694-0188 EXT. 425 or view it online here:

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