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How RV Refrigerators Operate - Can They Run While Driving?


  • These run on shore power (plugged in) as well as propane gas
  • When set to "auto" the fridge will take electricity first
  • When set to "auto" while the RV is disconnected and not plugged in, the fridge will automatically revert to run off of propane gas
  • Instead of setting on "auto" you can force your refrigerator to run off of either electric or propane gas, although "auto" is the recommended setting
  • This fridge will not run on electric while driving, but will can run off of propane while driving

NOTE: While you technically can run your fridge off of propane while driving, there are safety hazards to consider such as gas leaks or accidents that can occur while traveling. Please consider the pros and cons to running your fridge on propane while driving down the road!


  • These will run off of your batteries while driving, since your vehicle will simultaneously be charging the batteries while driving
  • 12 volt refrigerators will also operate when plugged in


  • These will use an inverter system to power the fridge while driving
  • Residential fridges will also run off of 110 power when plugged in