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How to Properly Connect a Battery to Your Camper or RV

Some of the most frequently asked questions we recieve from our customers are about their camper batteries. Improper connection can result in heat and damage to your battery. Ensuring that you're properly connecting and disconnecting your battery is an important step in any camping trip. Here's how:

  • Identify Positive/Negative Connections
    • RED for Positive(+)
    • BLACK for Negative (-)
  • First Connect Negative
  • Second Connect Positive
  • Make Sure Connections are Clean and Tight
  • Not getting any power? Make sure you check your circuit breaker! (Usually located near the batteries)
    • There's usually a manual reset button located on the breaker.

When you're ready to disconnect your battery, follow these steps:

  • First Disconnect Negative
  • Second Disconnect Positive

Depending on what type of camper you have, the specific location of your battery may vary. For most Travel Trailers, the battery will be located at the front of the trailer on the tongue. In most Fifth Wheels, the battery can be located toward the front in one of your storage bays. Motorhomes have the most variance in their battery locations, ranging from storage compartments, under the steps, or simply just underneath the motorhome.