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How To Use The Control Panel In Your Tiffin Motorhome

Tiffin Motorhome control panel

Operating the control panel in your Tiffin motorhome is way easier than you may believe! With everything being labeled for easy navigation and blue highlights indicating when things are on or off reading the control panel can be done at a glance. By default the control panel starts at the home screen (shown at the top left of panel screen) showing you the most common things you'd be using in the coach.


Lights Section

If you go to the next tab to the right you'll find yourself in the lights section. from here you can turn on and off all lights as well as adjusting the brightness of the lights by pressing and holding the arrow buttons. There's also a master switch that allows to to conrol all the lights with one switch and save the light settings you had perviously.

Power and energy management section

To the right of that would be your power and energy management. Here you would be able to check the battery levels more extensively as well as checking the amount of power the solar panels are pulling and how much those solar panels are charging your batteries. Below those settings you'll find an invert power button that allows you to turn on and off the inverter, solar charger, and actually customize your inverter! For the energy management side of things your energy useage will be visualized in a easy to read flow chart. The energy management section is extremely important because it helps prevent you from over using energy and popping breakers which could lead to costly repairs. You can also turn you generator on and off from this section by simply holding the start button. Keep in mind that it is a diesel generator and will require a bit of time to start.


Climate control section

Moviing on to the next section you'll find your climate control where you can manage your heating and cooling the front, middle and rear of your motorhome. As well as managing water tempeture and setting custom settings for the furnace and air conditioning.


Slides section

Nowin this section you have the controls for both your front and rear slides. The power shades section allows you to control all of your shades either individually or all at once.
In this section here you can control the air circulation by controlling the fans in all rooms and opening and closing the lids of your motorhome. For the locks you can automatically lock the main door along with your bay doors. 


General settings section

Here you find the settings. From here you are able to adjust the time on the panel, the brightness, toggle power saving settings for the panel, change a visual setting that changes each sections icons to words or vice versa, toggle the doorbell and allows you to set up a pin for the control panel itself.