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How to Use Your RV Inverter - 12 Volt and 110 Power

RV Inverters are easy to use once you understand what it does and what it doesn't do! Our Service Tech, Jim, walks us through how to use your RV Inverter!

What an Inverter will do: Take 12V power from your house batteries and make it 110V power. This will give power to appliances such as your refrigerator, microwave, and TVs.

What an Inverter will not do: Run your Air Conditioner

Your Inverter also has a charging circuit in it, so it sometimes may be referred to as an "Inverter Charger". The Inverter will charge your batteries when your RV is plugged in.

Whats the advantage to adding an Inverter?

They are great for boondocking and pairing with solar packages! You can run some of your 12V and 110V appliances off of solar during the day while simultaneously charging your batteries , which will allow you to run your inverter at night.

Turn on your Inverter and leave it on while you're using your RV during camping season. Only turn it off while your RV is being stored!