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How to Winterize a Travel Trailer RV

First, completely empty your fresh water tank.

Next, find your low point drains. There will be 2 drain valves on the underside of your RV. Turn them both so they are "open" to empty the water from these drains.

Inside your RV, open all of your faucets one by one to let air in the top. You will hear the air rushing in as the water is draining out the bottom of the low point drains. When you hear the air stop, close the faucet and move on to the next one.

Once all of the water has gone out, go back to the underside of your RV and close your low point drain valves.

Next you will empty your hot water tank. Always make sure that you trip the pressure temperature to relieve pressure. Then you will remove your drain plug. Stand to the side as water will start coming out!

Once the hot water tank is drained you will head inside to bypass your hot water tank. Every valve system is different- there are single valves, double valves, 3 valves, and remote single valve. This particular unit is a 3 valve unit. The location varies based on make/model, but most of the time can be found under the sink on the back of the hot water tank:

  • Turn the bottom valve "off" so it is perpendicular to the line, stopping the flow of water.
  • Turn the middle valve "on" so it is parallel to the line so water can flow through.
  • Turn the top valve "off" so it is perpendicular to the line, stopping the flow of water.

You're now bypassing the flow of anti-freeze from your hot water tank.

Now you will introduce anti-freeze into your system. The best way is through your water pump. The best way to find where your water pump is to turn it on and listen for it. This model has it located under the stove. Turn the valve to "open" towards the pick-up line.

You will need 2-3 gallons of anti-freeze. You can stick the pick-up line directly into each gallon, or put it all in a single bucket and put the pick-up line in the bucket.

Once your pick-up line is in the anti-freeze, turn your water pump on. This will start running anti-freeze into your system. Once you hear the water pump stop, that means pressure is built. Start opening all of your faucets (both hot and cold), run the toilets, as well as interior/outside showers and spray ports until you see the pink anti-freeze. Once you see a continuous flow of pink, turn your faucets off/stop running the toilets.

You now have anti-freeze in your system and it is winterized! Now you just need to empty all of your tanks and it is ready to be stored.