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Lance 2075 Travel Trailer Review

Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

When it comes to camping many of us have grown (or will grow) to love a vast amount of different things from being out in nature, being away from your daily routine, enjoying your retirement, spending some time with friends and family or even enjoying the peace of mind in solitude. All of us have come to love so many different things in life but I tihnk it's safe to say that we all also have come appriciate two things in particular; simplicity and convenience. And the Lance 2075 Travel Trailer is truly the embodiment of those two things topped off with a sleek and modern design. I'll be going over (with the help of Eddie of course) the exterior, interior and some of the features of the Lance 2075 to help you in your search for perfect!


The Lance 2075 relatively small only being 25ft in length, weighing only 4930 lbs (2236.21 kg) and comes in two models (the slide model and the one shown in the video without slides).  One of the first things you'll notice and one of Eddies favorite feature of the Lance is just how large all of the windows are. All of the windows open and close allowing access to natural sunlight and fresh air. The front of the trailer has a large storage compartment with a slide-out tray for easy access to your gear as well as storage on the sides. Honestly one of the highlights of the Lance 2075 is just how many storage compartments it has! Including two side compartments for hoses and possible generators, one with an outdoor shower,  a large storage compartment on the rear of the trailer with an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, and storage for utensils. The kitchen is under an awning, which provides shade while cooking.The trailer has a power tongue jack and power jacks all around, making it easy to set up. And on top of it all the trailer features stylish aluminum rims and a Road Armor suspension, which is pretty unusual compared to the standard travel trailer.  


Moving on to the inside of the Lance you'll be greeted by a very spacious dinette with ample room for around four people, as well as extra space at the back for food, drinks or anything you see fit. The windows are acrylic and beveled, allowing for a clear view and easy access to the screen or nightshade. The lit cabinets have residential-style hinges and shelves, and the dinette has a built-in spot for bottles. The JBL sound system provides excellent sound quality, with two speakers inside and two outside, and the Truma control panel offers easy control of the tankless hot water heater. The Lance is also equipped with the in-command system, which allows for easy control of the HVAC, lighting, awnings, and jacks with a customizable appearance and passcode. Another benefit to the In-command system that it's centralized in one area compared to other trailers, keeping things simple and convenient. Away from the dinette you'll notice the kitchen area of the Lance and the ongoing theme of impressive space utilization with high quality cabients similar to those in motorhomes, a tuck-away microwave, large drawers for pots and pans, smaller drawers for silverware, towels and plates. The sink is a one-bowl sink, and there is a two-burner cooktop with a glass cover that can be used as additional counter space. The countertop is made of Corian, which is a solid surface material not commonly found in travel trailers.  The TV is on a swivel mount, making it easy to watch from the dinette, and there is a big bathroom with a porcelain toilet. The shower features a shower miser, a device that recycles some water back to the fresh tank to save water when dry camping. The Lance also has a 12-volt refrigerator, which, along with the solar panel, two batteries, and three propane tanks, allows the trailer to run off-grid for extended periods of time. The King Wi-Fi system is also included, providing Wi-Fi wherever you go. The bedroom can only be described as "incredibly spacious". The bed is a queen size mattress and has a closet on each side with a rod in each for hanging clothes. The large window in the room was emphasized for the amount of light it lets in and the fact that it can be opened. All of the windows in the Lance have the same easy-to-use system for opening and closing them, and each window comes with a screen and nightshade. On the other side of the bedroom, we have plugs on both sides of the bed for charging your electronics. The battery monitor system is also here in the bedroom next to the outlets, which displays the amount of solar power coming into the coach and how much time is left on the batteries. Underneath the bed, there is plenty of storage space, including a ladder and box. The ladder is part of the Thule system that latches onto the side of the coach, allowing for easy access to the roof.

I know that was a lot of information thrown at you by both Eddie and I so here's the main take-aways; The Lance 2075 is truly simple and convenient with it's straight forward design, centralized controls and ample storage space that it takes full advantage of despite it's small size. It's both solar powered and battery powered (perfect for off grid living) and has both an outdoor kitchen and bathroom. Now if we've peaked your interest I have good news, both versions of the Lance are both available for viewing and for purchase! Feel free to give us a call today! Have a good day and thank you for reading!

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