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Meet The Team - Rhianna

Meet The Team - Rhianna is one of our RV outfitters at our North Tonawanda location, and Rhianna has been a part of our Colton family for just over a year now! She helps customers find the perfect camper based on their goals and camping style.

Rhianna and her husband Travis recently just purchased a camper of their own for the first time - a Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser! They enjoy traveling to New York and Pennsylvania State Parks with their two dogs Maverick and Dali, even their cat Kit-Kat. They really enjoy hiking and kayaking while they're out camping.

In her spare time, Rhianna studies Tarot cards and does readings, plus she also studies and collects crystals. She enjoys upcycling décor and furniture, and collects home décor. When Rhianna’s not camping or crafting, you can find her exploring restaurants and events with friends. As she says “everyday is an adventure!”