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RV Battery Disconnect Switch - What it Does and When to Use it

What are RV Battery Disconnect Switches?

RV Battery Disconnect Switches keep your batteries from discharging while storing. The Disconnect Switch should be switched "off" when storing.

When the Disconnect is turned "On" it will:

  • Charge batteries when the RV is plugged in
  • Charge batteries while driving
  • Keep all 12v appliances working

What else you should know:

The battery disconnect will not power 110v power, but it will power the controls to operate 110v powered appliances. You must be plugged in and have the battery disconnect on to power 110v powered appliances such as 110v refrigerators and AC units.

Where are Battery Disconnects located?

  • Fifth wheels: usually found in a storage bay
  • Motorhomes: can be found in the stairwell inside when entering motorhome, or in a storage bay
  • Travel Trailers: usually in the front of the camper near the batteries