2022 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR 221RB Travel Trailer Review


2022 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR 221RB Travel Trailer

BEHOLD the 2022 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR 221 RB! This travel trailer comes in at 26 ft 10in (8.2 meters) in length and weighs 5389lbs (2444kg), perfect for a family of  two but just large enough to accomodate your friends and family as well. Here in this walkthrough and review I will showing you the in’s and out’s of the Transcend XPLOR (with the help of Brennan, of course) and giving you some tips for this particular travel trailer along the way.

Transcend XPLOR Exterior

As you look at the front of the trailer, the first thing you notice is the power tongue jack. Which simplifies the process of hitching up and eliminates one potential headache when heading to camp. Moving to the side of the trailer, you’d find an expansive pass-through storage area, which is a massive 43 cubic feet in size, making it an industry-leading feature. The storage area is well-lit and there is a convenient Convenience Center located within it, which houses all necessary hookups, including power, satellite and cable connections, battery disconnect switch, solar monitor, fresh tank fill, and city water hookups.

The trailer also features a solid slide that provides additional living space, a refrigerator, and comfortable theater seats. Moving to the back of the trailer, you’ll see 30-amp hookups, a gutter runoff system, and a backup camera prep area that is ready for installation. Additionally, the trailer has a fully walkable roof, which makes accessing the solar panel at the front of the trailer a breeze. Finally, the trailer’s sizeable awning is worth noting as it runs almost the full width of the front.

Transcend XPLOR Interior

Now for the inside of the Transcend XPLOR, one of the first thing you’ll see is the spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower and natural skylight, as well as plenty of storage for towels and other toiletries, counter space, and a foot flush toilet. There’s also a privacy sliding door that keeps the bathroom secure while on the road.Then heading into the living space you’ll notice that is unsurpringly impressive, with a large Thomas Paine theater seating area. Across from the seats there’s a flat-screen LED smart TV that is compatible with Roku and other streaming services (devices). Behind the TV, there are power and cable outlets allowing for easy cable or antenna connections. To the right of the TV you’ll find the Convenience Center with simple buttons for controlling the lights, water hookups, gas, electricity, slides, and the awning(s). Below the Convenience Center, there is a firion entertainment system that connects to speakers outside and has Bluetooth capabilities, as well as the option to connect via USB or AM/FM radio.

Fun fact, Grand Design is known for its ample storage space and this RV is no exception. Every possible location has been utilized for storage, including doors and drawers. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you’d find in a residential kitchen, such as a large stainless-steel sink, and a pull down faucet. Under the sink, there is a large storage area for water pipes and heating, as well as a designated area for garbage.With the furion oven and a three-burner propane cooktop, you’ll be able to some home style meals while on the road. The deep and tall drawer below the cooktop is perfect for storing pots and pans.

Throughout the trailer you’ll notice the unique design of the cabinets at the front with tinted glass, providing a dynamic look compared to the standard storage drawers seen on the bottom. Additionally, a notable feature is the placement of floor vents for heating and air conditioning, which were traditionally located on the floor and prone to dirt and hair accumulation. This innovative feature ensures a cleaner and more efficient system. The fridge and freezer have ample space to fit all the necessities for the number of occupants in the trailer. The pet drawer is another clever addition for those traveling with furry friends, or as an additional storage option for those without. Moving towards the front of the trailer, we reach the bedroom, complete with a full queen-size bed and spring-assisted storage space underneath. This bedroom provides a comfortable and cozy place to relax after a long day on the road. The bedroom also provides space for another TV just in case you want to catch up on shows while you relax.

 Overall, the 2022 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR travel trailer is an excellent choice for those looking for ample storage, convenience, and comfort when camping.This Travel trailer will provide you with one of the most comforting camping experiences on the market today! Now, if Iif me and Brennan here have peaked you interest we have good news, this travel trailer is both available for viewing and purchase! So please feel free to give us a call today. Thank you so so much for reading and please have a good day.


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