2024 SunChaser Geneva Overview

Welcome aboard!

Today we go through the exceptional features of the Sunchaser Geneva 20ft fishing model. From its sturdy construction to its fishing-friendly amenities, let’s dive into what makes this boat stand out from the rest. Starting with…

The Exterior

At the base, the Geneva boasts durable pontoons with fold-in-the-middle design and drain ports for easy maintenance. With a lifetime limited warranty covering both pontoons and decking, you can cruise along worry-free. Powered by a Yamaha 90 horsepower engine (upgradeable to 125 horsepower), this boat promises a smooth ride. Don’t miss the convenient drain plug for pontoon maintenance.

Deck and Feature

The 34-inch marine-grade plywood deck sits atop patented hat-sea chain channels, reducing vibration. Dock lights and cleats add practicality, while the front nose cones feature hooks for added convenience.

Cockpit Comfort

Step aboard to discover plush furniture, a stylish color palette, and robust roic cast seat bases. Ample storage, cup holders, and a built-in table ensure convenience during your outings. The Captain’s Deck is equipped with gauges, controls, and a depth finder, essential for any angler.

Changing Room and Bimini Top

Unveil the changing room effortlessly, offering privacy and convenience. With a simple twist and fold, it seamlessly stows away as well. The power bimini top provides shade at the touch of a button, ensuring comfort under the sun.

Fishing Features

At the stern, the Geneva shines as a true fishing haven. Two seats, ample pole storage, and additional cup holders cater to anglers’ needs. The hard roic cast top includes a built-in measuring system, while the live well and spray hose ensure easy fish handling. Plus, a toe bar allows for towing activities.


Enjoy your favorite tunes with the onboard Bluetooth sound system and speakers, enhancing your fishing experience.

Thanks for checking out the Sunchaser Geneva 20ft fishing boat. For inquiries or to experience it firsthand, give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a leisure enthusiast, the Geneva promises an unforgettable journey on the water. Thanks for reading, have a good day and until next time!

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