How To Troubleshoot Your RV Furnace


Furnace not working?

When RVing in the wintertime there’s always a few essential components needed and one of the most important ones (ESPECIALLY during the cold season) is HEAT! There may be several different reasons your furnace may not be working properly but with the aid of Jim (One of our Service Techs) we’ll be going through some troubleshooting tips to help you get your furnace back up and running!

Troubleshooting the problem (tips and tricks)

Firstly you’re going to wnt to check to see if your thermostat is lit up. If not then you’re going to check your circit breakers and fuse box following your Legend to figure out what the different fuses are for. Once you find the furnace fuse check to see if the fuse is open and if so simply replace it. When you finish that your thermostat should light up and be squared away ready for use! Make sure once the fuse is good you set the thermostat to furnace and give it a second to kick on. You should be able to hear it working. Now if you’ve done this and the furnace still isn’t work you’ll want to check your propane to make sure that you one actually have propane in the tank and two make sure that the valve for the propane is open. First check the propane by looking at the wall gauge then shut the thermostat off and allow it to reset. Head outside afterwards to check this gauge as-well to make sure it shows that you have propane and then open the service valve. Next you’re going to want to head back inside to restart the furnace. You’ll hear the blower motor come on and then you’ll listen for it to ignite. Jim says you’ll notice a difference. Now to double check that your furnace is working you’ll want to locate the return grate, listen for the burner and put your hand out to see if you can feel warm air. After all of this if your furnace still doesn’w work, you’ll want to turn the thermostat on and off four times to purge idle air out of the system. To check if you’re getting propane at all you can turn on your stove. 

Still need help?

Now if you have done all of these things and still have no luck getting your furnace on you’ll want to bring you camper to be diagnosed by a professional. There are mainy iissues that are well beyond surface level that only professionals such as Jim could identify and fix. Hopefully our tips and tricks here helped you out but if not please do not hesitate to call us today and we would be more than happy to help. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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