Montana: America’s #1 Selling Luxury Fifth Wheel

Step into the world of unparalleled luxury and adventure with North America’s #1 selling luxury fifth wheel – the 2024 Montana RV. As your trusted partner in the RV lifestyle, Colton RV proudly welcomes you to the family and invites you to experience the epitome of mobile living.

Embark on a journey of a lifetime as you explore the cutting-edge features and enhancements that set the Montana RVs apart from the rest. Crafted by generations of skilled craftsmen, Montana and Montana High Country represent the living legacy of luxury fifth wheel travel.

The 2024 Montana RV redefines the meaning of home on the road with a fully refreshed exterior and interior styling. Innovative additions, such as the factory-installed MorRyde® independent suspension and Splendide stackable washer/dryer, cater to the desires of modern travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

With Montana, you’re not just purchasing an RV; you’re investing in a lifestyle. Keystone RV’s commitment to excellence is evident in the stunning interior design, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of the highest quality materials. Choose from the ultra-spacious and luxurious full profile Montana models or explore the slightly smaller Montana High Country collection, offering additional floorplan options for families.

Elevate Your RV Experience

Elevate your RV experience with upgraded technological equipment and finishes that take your Montana to the next level. Opt for the Legacy package and customize your RV with full-body, automotive-grade paint in Shadow, Sterling, Cobalt, or the all-new Mountain design.

Experience high-impact lighting, ensuring clear visibility during early morning and late-night travel. The low-profile footpad design provides better traction, while the touch screen control system allows you to operate your RV effortlessly, either with the click of a button or through the OneControl app.

Four-Season Camping Capabilities

Stay comfortable in any season with the high-performance A/C featuring Coleman-Mach’s Power Saver™ technology. This innovative system allows a third optional A/C to run on 50-amp service without sacrificing performance.

Montana ensures that your adventures continue year-round with four-season camping capabilities. Water lines and tanks are meticulously protected, allowing you to camp down to 0°F.

Join the legacy of satisfied Montana owners who have experienced the thrill of luxury fifth wheel travel. At Colton RV, we’re here to make your RV dreams a reality. Welcome to the Montana family – where luxury, innovation, and rugged capability seamlessly come together to redefine your journey on the road.

Check out all of our Keystone Montana floorplans exclusively at our Wind Gap, PA dealership!

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