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Eight “Must-Haves” New RV Owners Often Forget

Tire Pressure Gauge & Torque Wrench

1. Tire Pressure Gauge & Torque Wrench

Wheel and tire maintenance is one of the most overlooked yet critical elements of RV ownership. Always torque wheel nuts to the wheel manufacturer’s specifications. Over or under-torqued wheel nuts can cause the wheel to separate from the wheel mounting surface during operation, causing property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. Checking beforehand can avoid headaches or damage later. Your Keystone RV owner’s manual recommends you check your tire pressure and wheel lug nut torque before each trip. The owner’s manual will provide you with torque recommendations for your camper. Read more


2017 Airstream Tommy Bahama Edition Motorhome


On the road to paradise, everything looks beautiful.

And everything Airstream built in to the Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach inspires the senses.

  • Black Nickel cabinet hardware
  • Luxurious UltraLeather™ seating
  • Island-inspired Tommy Bahama pillow fabrics
  • Resilient-yet-beautiful Infinity woven flooring

Airstream’s thought of everything. Read more

RV Skiing Adventures


Winter in the northern tier states indicates one primary weather pattern:  SNOW!

Why not embrace winter with an RV Skiing Adventure?!  Many ski resorts allow RVs to park overnight in their lots, while some even have the complete hook-up.

Here are a just few reasons to pack up your family and jump in your RV to enjoy a skiing (or snowboarding!) adventure: Read more

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What Type of RVer Are You?

retired RV couple sitting by a campfire

It used to be that almost all RVers were snowbirds in their retirement years. But now, you’ll find just about every type of person at the RV campgrounds. Young and old, married and single, various races and lifestyles—RVing is now for everyone!

What type of RVer are you? About Travel has a great post about the different types of RVers you’ll find in the wild. We’re taking their list and expanding on it with resources fitted for your RV type! Read more

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RV Trends to Watch for in 2017

view of a sunset over a lake from the window of an RV

Outdoor recreation is booming these days, and RV camping is a big part of it. In fact, RVing hasn’t been this popular since before the recession in the early 2000s. People of all backgrounds and ages are getting away to the outdoors, and the coming year is poised to be the Year of RV Camping.

Want a peek into the year ahead for the camping lifestyle? Here are the RV trends to watch for in 2017. Read more

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planning an RV Summer Getaway

Lakeside RV Camp

Happy holidays! Ready for summer? Believe it or not, while you’re snuggled up by the fire enjoying your hot cocoa and watching the snow fall, it’s the perfect time to start planning your summer RV camping trip.

If you’re dreaming of a summer vacation that’s worth a lifetime of memories, the time to start planning is now. Here’s our 6-step planning guide to make your RV getaway a success. Read more

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Cool Holiday Gifts for the RV Enthusiast in Your Life

small giftboxes with gold bows

Got an RV owner on your holiday gift list? We can tell you exactly what they want. Every RV enthusiast is itching for more RV gear under the tree. Here’s our must-have list of holiday gift items that’ll be sure to please the RVer in your life. Read more


Best RV Destinations at Christmas

Majestic mountains of Yosemite National Park in winter

Looking for a Christmas RV getaway that you’ll remember for years? Whether you’re escaping the snow or just escaping the daily grind, we’ve found five of the best RV destinations for your Christmas vacation. Read more

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How to Get the Best Trade-in Offer for Your RV

smiling young woman on an RV lot holding the key to the RV she is trading in

Planning to trade in your RV? There are some things you can do ahead of time to show an RV dealer what a great motorhome they’re getting, and to ensure that you get the best trade-in offer on your motorhome. Read more


Can’t-Lose RV Tailgating Hacks

closeup of friends holding paper plates with hot dogs at an RV tailgating party

If there’s one thing RVers learn quickly, it’s to always be on the watch for DIY hacks that make RVing easier and more fun. If you’re taking your motorhome tailgating this fall, we’ve got some great RV tailgating hacks you should try out. Read more